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TikTok General Counsel No Longer Oversees US Relations (1)

ByteDance Ltd.’s general counsel is no longer overseeing US government relations for TikTok, part of a shuffle to improve the company’s standing during intense national security scrutiny, according to people familiar with the matter.

Bankman-Fried Sought to Influence Witness, Prosecutors Say

FTX co-founder Samuel Bankman-Fried sought to influence a witness in the US government’s criminal fraud case against him, prosecutors said in a filing, asking a judge to stop him from contacting former employees at the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange.

Labor Agency to Defend ESG 401(k) Rule in Bad-Blood Jurisdiction

The US Labor Department is facing an unwelcome case of litigation deja vu, as its attempt to implement a climate-friendly retirement investment rule encounters legal peril in a Texas federal court jurisdiction known for striking down consequential employee benefit regulations.

Texas School Escapes Fired Teacher’s Retaliation Lawsuit

A Texas teacher can’t continue his lawsuit for wrongful termination and retaliation because there’s no proof that the school fired him for reporting that two colleagues allegedly changed students’ answers on standardized tests.

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Beyond Abortion: The Fight Over Fetal Personhood Is Here

When do legal rights begin, at birth or before that? This video looks at the fetal personhood movement, and what it could mean for the future of abortion. We explore its history and the constitutional argument underpinning it.

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