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Supreme Court Strips Federal Role Protecting Wetlands, Waterways

The Supreme Court’s ruling Thursday removing federal protections for vast numbers of streams and wetlands will expedite commercial and residential development across the US while mostly scrapping long-contested Clean Water Act regulations, according to environmental attorneys.

Clean Grid Developers See Teeth in Federal Permitting Deadlines

Electric transmission developers seeking individual permits from multiple federal agencies can soon hold the government accountable, all the way up to the president, for leading a single environmental review process capped at no more than two years.

Louisiana Claims EPA ‘Fixated on Race’ in Permit Decisions

US Environmental Protection Agency officials have lost sight of their environmental mission and “instead decided to moonlight as social justice warriors fixated on race,” Louisiana alleged in a federal lawsuit.

Federal Fight Over Mine at Okefenokee Refuge Escalates on Venue

A legal battle over a federal wetlands decision expected to imperil Georgia’s Okefenokee Swamp is escalating with a mining company’s motion to transfer the lawsuit from Washington, D.C., to Georgia.

Navy Lawyer Blames Lejeune Delays on Funding, Staff Shortages

Nearly 500 law firms have registered to represent Camp Lejeune clients, with another 100 pending. About 60,000 claims have been filed, but so many are coming in “it’s difficult to get an accurate count,” the Navy lawyer acknowledged.

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Manchin Gets Mountain Valley Pipeline Deal Into Debt Bill

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin slipped into the debt-limit deal a measure meant to accelerate a multi-billion-dollar natural gas pipeline that’s been repeatedly stalled on environmental concerns, according to people familiar with the matter.

Conoco to Buy Full Control of Oil-Sands Site for $3 Billion

ConocoPhillips exercised its right to acquire TotalEnergies SE’s 50% stake in the Surmont oil-sands field for as much as $3.33 billion, giving it full control of the Canadian operation and thwarting efforts by Suncor Energy Inc. to buy into the site.

Mountain Valley Pipeline Faces FERC Permitting Roadblock

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission must revisit multiple orders allowing work on the Mountain Valley Pipeline to resume, after an appeals court held Friday that the agency had inadequately explained its decision to skirt certain review related to the project’s sedimentation impact.

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Seize, Not Just Freeze, Russian Assets? Why It’s Hard: QuickTake

Soon after Russia invaded Ukraine, the US and its allies froze an estimated $300 billion in Russian central bank assets that were being held in non-Russian financial institutions. Sanctions imposed on prominent Russian individuals have frozen an additional estimated $58 billion in assets, including homes, yachts and private aircraft.

Archegos Insurer Sues to Avoid Covering Costs of Firm’s Failure

An insurer for Bill Hwang and his Archegos Capital Management is suing to avoid paying any costs incurred by Archegos, Hwang and other senior executives of the investment firm from a separate suit by a former employee who claims the implosion of the family office cost him as much as $50 million.

Firefighters Will Be Suing, Getting Sued Over PFAS

States Scramble on Water Rights Pact as Deadline Nears

An Energy Regulator Crossed Manchin, Now He's Gone

Fusion Is Promising, but Isn't a Near-Term Solution