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TikTok Raises Four Big Constitutional Challenges to Montana Ban

Montana’s TikTok ban is unlikely to survive legal challenges, especially claims the ban violates free-speech protections.

Meta Defeats Copyright Claims on Facebook Thumbnail Photographs

Meta Platforms Inc. won dismissal of most claims in a lawsuit alleging that “check-in” and “pre-fetching” tools on the Facebook website enabled the misappropriation of copyrighted content.

What to Do When You’re the CEO and Your Company Gets Hacked

Executives, security professionals and lawyers who have worked through hacks say that while every situation is different, organizations can take measures to respond to a crisis and help mitigate the damage.

Cell Phones Count as Residential Lines for Spam Laws, Court Says

In a blow to telemarketing firms and the companies that use them, a Michigan court ruled that mobile phone users can bring suits under laws protecting “residential” phones from spam calls.

Hugh Grant to Get Day in Court Against Tabloid Over Hacking

British actor Hugh Grant’s long running campaign against a Rupert Murdoch owned-tabloid will get its day in court after a judge in London ruled that certain allegations around intrusion of privacy and hacking can go to trial.


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UBS Analysts See Fake AI Content Feeding Market Disruptions

The spread of artificial intelligence has the potential to be “highly disruptive” to financial markets as the technology aids the publication of false information, and makes leaks of intellectual property more likely, according to analysts at UBS Group AG.

China, US Commerce Chiefs Trade Complaints, Plan More Talks

Top commerce officials from the US and China agreed to strengthen communications even as they traded complaints about each other’s policies, with the meeting a sign that Beijing and Washington are trying to prevent their relations from worsening further.

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Seize, Not Just Freeze, Russian Assets? Why It’s Hard: QuickTake

Soon after Russia invaded Ukraine, the US and its allies froze an estimated $300 billion in Russian central bank assets that were being held in non-Russian financial institutions. Sanctions imposed on prominent Russian individuals have frozen an additional estimated $58 billion in assets, including homes, yachts and private aircraft.

Facial Recognition Tech: Are Total Bans the Best Move?

New York City is considering a total ban on facial recognition technology. The technology, which uses surveillance cameras and face scans to identify people in public, has been garnering headlines for years, but there are few rules and regulations. Our On The Merits podcast looks at the debate over facial recognition technology.